If we weren't surfing; we would have defiantly spent more time in Bolivia. The scenery is awesome, the people are friendly and it is cheap.

We travelled here between 19/12/11 - 05/01/12


Copacabana - Town

  • Hospedaje Sonia - Clean, cheap and well run
  • Easy town to visit Isla Del Sol from

Coroico - Beautiful town

  • Sleep at Bonita Villa
    • Enjoy the relaxed and quiet setting with a wonderful family
    • Enjoy their home made delights like their orange liquor
  • Enjoy the view from the zip line
  • Take in the beautiful scenery

Isla Del Sol

  • Lap up the tranquillity, enjoy casual walks and relax on the beach

La Paz - Different

  • Enjoy the craziness of this city
  • Hospedaje Milenio
  • Enjoyed New Year here. With all the fireworks everywhere, we thought we had gone to war. A must experience if here then.
  • Try not to be a hit and run case

Uyuni - town

  • An easy place to jump on a tour and see the salt flats
    • We found that one day was plenty