We love Ecuador so much that it would be one of our top countries. In the right months, there are great waves to be found and not so crowded either. If not surfing, plenty of activities to do and sights to see. There is good food on the coast.

We travelled here between 11/08/11 - 28/09/11 & 20/01/12 -


Ayampe - Quiet town

  • Uncrowded waves
  • Bungalows La Buena Vida Ecuador Hotel & Spa
    •  Owners Keith and Marilyn with their 2 kids are wonderful people
    • Keith has an abundance of knowledge about the surf and waves in Ecuador

Canoa - Laid back beach town

Manta - Easy going city

  • Carnaval
  • Tasty variety of food
  • Good base for surfing San Mateo, the further south San Lorenzo and Las Piñas
  • Great food at Beachcomber on Calle 20 y Avenida Flavio Reyes
  • Hostal Centenario - Calle 11 y Avenida 5
    • Pepe is a great bloke
  • None or hardly any gringos

Mompiche - Laid back small fishing village

  • 1 of Ecuadors better left hand point breaks

Puerto Lopez -

  • Easy place to organise a tour to Isla de la Plata

Quito - Interesting city

  • Ride on the Teleférico
  • Climb Rucu Pichincha
  • Climb Cotopaxi
  • Visit Del Mundo (The middle of the world)
  • Eat cuy in Selva Alegre (guinea pig)
  • Explore many of the historic buildings and churches
  • Climb the spires (115m) of the Basilica del Voto Nacional a huge church
  • Check out the view down to Guápulo

Quito is a great jumping off point for:

  • Baños a touristy town with plenty of outdoor activities
  • Cuyabeno Nature Reserve (The Amazon)