Peru the land of left handers; we had an absolute ball here with the abundance of waves. Visiting Machu Picchu was an excellent day.

We travelled here between 29/09/11 - 30/01/11 & 06/01/12 - 19/01/12


Arequipa - Chilled out city

  • Tambo Viejo Hostal
    • We left our surfboards here when we ventured to Cusco/Machu Picchu
  • Relax and enjoy the coffee and try the llama meat

Chicama -

  • Surf one of Peru's longest lefts
  • El Hombre Hostel
    • Doris is a kind lady
    • Wake up early to find the surf to yourself for a couple of waves

Cusco - Pretty city

  • Book your Huayna Picchu, Machu Picchu and train transport here
  • Aclimatise
  • Good food can be found here

Huanchaco - Up beat chilled out town

  • Good choices in food
  • Good left hand waves. When its too big here, head to chicama.
  • Hostal Lily on the beach front

Ilo - Easy going and relaxed city

  • Some of Peru's gnarliest waves
  • None or hardly any gringos

Lima - Clean and fun city

  • Flying Dog Hostel
    • Friendly staff and central to Miraflores
  • Excellent food and all the luxuries for a big city

Olataymba - "Machu Picchu town"

  • Hostal 23
  • Necessary to stay her for visiting the ruins

Pacasmayo - Bustling but relaxed city

  • El Faro one of Peru's longest lefts. Our favourite over Chicama
  • Los Faroles Surf Camp Hostal
  • Travel to Puemape to surf lefts on your own
  • Tasty food to be enjoyed here

Punta Hermosa - Surf/beach town

  • Many choices in quality waves
    • Water is a bit polluted here