A Quick Coast In Ecuador

After spending a good month away from the coast we arrived in Atacames. As we don't have anything good to write on this place, we found ourselves on a bus to Mompiche. We have heard that one of Ecuadors best left hand points is here. On arrival we weren't expecting much as the swells were travelling in the wrong direction. We were right, there wasn't much to spark the eye brows and twitch the nose. We are very excited to come back here one day and experience what we could see of the amazing potential that this place was letting us lick. In this quiet chilled out town, we were able to have the tail of my board fixed. One side of the swallow tail had almost completely snapped of during transit from Brasil to Ecuador.

The next town we stopped at is called Canoa. This town carries a relaxed vibe with the potential for raucous parties and not world class but a whole beach of waves. The waves seem to carry a sweet flavour of Boat Harbour without the power. This is where we met a couple of friends Justin and Hein. Not a bad place to kick back at and pass some time relaxing.

We have been in contact with Triff and heard that he was in Ayampe. So this is where we have decided to head too. With thoughts in the back of our heads that we would come back to the coast of Ecuador, this wasn't an issue missing so much. En route to Ayampe, we stopped at Puerto Lopez with Justin our friendly translator. Here we ventured on a tour with Justin to Isla de la Plata, which is supposed to be the poor mans Galapogos Island. On the trip to the island we saw up to 10 whales, Blue Footed Boobies and a turtle. Not a terribly exciting adventure. With not much else to do in this town, we said goodbye to Justin and bused 20 minutes down the road to Ayampe.

We will always remember turning up at Ayampe in the dark wondering where the hell Triff was hiding and where was his accommodation. This sorted itself out as one local walked us up a few dark roads until we found where Triffs accommodation. Triff could recognise our voices from a mile away. Over the next week; Triff showed us the ropes of this place and we spent many a times drinking sunset beers and no sun beers for "old times sake" of course.

Eager to see some decent waves again, we all decided to head into Peru. For Triff he was returning so knew what was ahead of us.

Hasta luego Ecuador!


Blue Footed Boobies - Isla Del Plata - Ecuador