Our Second Home In Ecuador

After another big mission; this time from Lima to Ayampe in Ecuador, we were ready to hang up the boots for some chill out time and some warm water.

We scored well with accommodation in Ayampe this time. Beach front, self contained house with 4 rooms up for grabs. BAM! Downside was no waves! After six nights here and still no waves. We hit the road again and said goodbye to Triff. Our hitchhiking days started the day we left Ayampe. Fed up with waiting for a bus that never seemed to arrive, we soon took up throwing the thumb out to anyone passing by. This is how we now travel when there is no bus in sight.

After talking to Keith from La Buena Vida about surf spots on the coast, we bunked down in Puerto Cayo for the night before adventuring off to find the infamous barreling beach of San Jose. We found San Jose with little difficulty; the hard part was the lack of transport and the scorching sun. We kept heading north to San Lorenzo. On the way there, we noticed a right hand wave near Las Pinas and it was peeling perfectly. Our main aim was to find accommodation, which we thought we could at San Lorenzo. Instead we were faced with three options over $140. Feeling sunburnt after riding around in the back of pickups and a dump truck; we pushed on to Santa Marianita and San Mateo with no luck of finding accommodation. We then turned around and hitched back to Las Pinas to where I thought I had seen somewhere to sleep; when this failed we managed to hail a bus that was headed back to Puerto Cayo. Luckily for us there was some people on the bus who ran a "hostel." Having mixed feelings of suspicion and desperation we took up their offer and followed them up the hill to their accommodation. They were very accommodating people for whom we are grateful for their help. Our hosts showed us the prize winning fighting cocks and even put on a display for us.