Mojitos, Old Cars, Casa Particulares & Cigars

I am writing this as I am siting on the plane to Panama from Cuba via El Salvador. This post will be my longest by far.

I am not going to go into the politics of this country, as I believe that Cuba's social regime has been left at a huge disadvantage by the trade embargoes that have been in place on the country by the United States. From what I could see in my short visit to this wonderful country, is a place that at its core holds an amazing balance and fairness on its Cuban citizens, but like I said this was a short visit. However I do say this to anyone who criticises the Cubans Socialism; remember the regime before Fidel and remember the harsh discrimination translated by the trade embargoes on Cuba.

Nonetheless the last two weeks have been marvellous and full of mojitos, old cars, Casa Particulars and plenty of cigars.

La Habana

Some of the many old cars in Havana

Day 1.  Monday 16/4

The first thing we noticed apart from how friendly and laid back the people are, is how old the cars are. We had heard plenty about the age of the cars and other such wheeled things like the police motorbikes but nothing prepared us for the saturation of antiques on wheels. We were in aw at the pre 1955 vehicles that were driving around; the police motorbikes were very impressive.

We soon settled into our first port of accommodation our first Casa Particular, which is a family's house where you can rent a room from and eat a huge and tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner for an extra cost.

It wasn't long before we were strolling around the neighbourhood looking for our first mojito in Havana. We scored a well mixed mojito along with some cigars at a very friendly local bar.

This first night we settled into some fish and salad at our Casa Particular Gloria.