Heading East From Buenos Aires to Uruguay

We left Australia on the 7th of June bound for Buenos Aires in Argentina via Auckland New Zealand. After arriving in New Zealand we were told that the Puyehue volcano in the Andes Mountains of southern Chile was erupting at the time and had made it dangerous to fly at night. This was due to the large plume of ash rising from the volcano. We soon learnt that this ash made it as far as Australia grounding many planes. Thankfully our plane was delayed until the next morning. We didn't mind a bit as it was our first night on this trip out of Australia and the airline were putting us up in the Grand Chancellor all paid for. There were only 1 or 2 disgruntled passengers, 1 of whom was only holidaying for 8 days in Buenos Aires. We guessed that this might shake of any jet lag before his return home.

After landing in Buenos Aires and finding a comfy hotel to stay in; we went into jet lag recovery mode. For the next few days we would wake at 7am last till 6pm sleep till 2am and then venture out for a beer and dinner for 1-2 hours before sleep and waking early again. This was painful but a good place to be in as we discovered Buenos Aires seems to be always awake.

We found evidence of the volcano here. At first we thought that this must be a very dusty city. We soon realised that the buildings and cars were actually covered in a silky thin layer of ash.

Finding our bearings in such a large and beautiful city, we decided the only way to see a lot of it before we left would be to jump a board one of the city double decker buses. This was a great decision as we were able to jump on and off the bus where and when we chose; we discovered many sites. As always we left many more for returning journeys.