South East Brasil

Realising the size of Brasil to the rest of the continent soon set in with our first day of bus Travel to Porto Alegre. This didn't stop us quickly reaching Armecao on the island of Florianopolis. This is where I wore board shorts for the first 2 days in the water before reverting back to a wetsuit. Almost warm enough, just not quite.

We found a lovely self-contained unit we spent the next 9 nights in Pousada Pires owned by a wonderful family. Even though we couldn't speak a word of Portuguese, there were some common words in Espanol that helped us communicate. The surf here was great with easy going and friendly locals. The whole island seemed to have a very laid back feel to it.

We loved it here and are keen to come back here one day.


Armação - Florianopolis - Brasil

After hearing that Sally and Bridget would be in Rio de Janeiro, we decided to head off and meet them. This was great timing, as the swell wasn't looking flash for the next week.

En route to Rio; we travelled via Foz Do Iguacu and Sao Paulo. Both are a must see and experience while in the area. On this trip from Florianopolis to Rio we racked up roughly 34 hours on 3 buses to give you an idea of travel lengths in Brasil.

As you can see we really worked the camera at Iguacu falls. We liked the up and close side of the Argentinian falls more than the Brasilian side. You could really feel the power and see the volume of water thundering through the Devils Throat and other sections of the falls. The Brasilian side was spectacular as well. It gives you a broader over all view. You stay a fair bit dryer on the Brasilian side.

We heard that the Paraguayan side wasn't as spekky as what we had just seen so decided to head off to Sao Paulo.