Costa Rica or another US state

I can't lie and say that we have completely enjoyed Costa Rica, the surf is crowded and it is low season, living costs are expensive and the locals are still paid chips and last of all we have the feeling that Americans and other fellow expats have mined the backbone out of culture here.

We reached Pavones after a sad goodbye to Punta Burica and found some accommodation. This was a treat, private bathroom, wifi Internet and a comfy double bed. We have just spent the last two weeks camping with no power, no people and a four hour round trip to the closest supermarket.

We could only handle two nights at Pavones, we saw the potential of the wave, but as there were fifty people in the water at last count and no waves; we had to leave and found ourselves on the road to Matapalo.

We reached Matapalo and set up camp while a roaring thunder and lightening storm moved overhead. We missed the afternoon surf as we arrived to late. We ate an early dinner and snuggled up in the tent listening to the storm around us. I went to bed with an impending ear ache, which kept me awake for a lot of the night and when it came time to open the tent flyer, the ear ache had grown into an ear infection. This took us to the doctor who prescribed me antibiotics and painkillers with notice of staying out of the water for a while.



Our next stop was Dominical where we found a place we could set up tent undercover with power to run a fan, kitchen, wifi and toilets and showers. We stayed here for four nights until my ear didn't feel like a grapefruit protruding from my head. Bronnie scored some good surf here.

The next stop is Playa Hermosa next to Jaco, which is a serious wave that is really hollow, breaks quite shallow and is known to snap boards from the lip. This wave was firing but unfortunately or fortunately I wasn't able to paddle out.