Time Line & Map

You can track our travelling route and a lot of the places where we have stayed between leaving Australia on the 7th of June 2011 and arriving home on the 9th of October 2012 . Use the + and - buttons in the top left corner of the map to zoom in or out. Pan the map by grabbing it with your curser and dragging it. Change between Map, Satellite and Terrain by clicking either of the 3 options in the top right corner. Hey presto you're ready to roll. 

Cambutal - CuatroOnce

We flew into Buenos Aires from Sydney.

Bused our way up the coast to Salvador in Brasil via Uruguay.

Flew from Salvador to Quito via Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires and Guayaquil.

Bused down the coast of Ecuador and Peru into Chile to Santiago.

Bused across from Chile to Argentina and up into Bolivia.

Bused back into Peru, onto Ecuador and into Colombia.

From Colombia we flew to Cuba and then flew to Panama.


We bussed to the boarder of Costa Rica and Panama.

We then drove our car we purchased back to Panama.

We drove from Panama to Costa Rica.

From Costa Rica we drove back to Panama.

From Panama we drove to Nicaragua stopping one night in Costa Rica.

From Nicaragua we drove through Honduras to El Slavador.

Because of car visa issues we stopped one night in El Salvador before briefly stopping in Guatemalia.

We drove onto Mexico from Guatemala.

From Mainland Mexico, we caught a ferry to Baja California.

From Baja California we crossed the border into the United States and are driving north to San Francisco.

Those with similar interests to ours might find it interesting to see how long we have spent in different places with this interactive time line.

The further spread dots are where we relax more, generally there is good surf involved. As you can see, it was pretty hectic in the lead up to Christmas, New Years and our trip around Cuba.


Cave of bats - Baja California, Mexico